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Fragment Network presents modular L1 blockchain for a multi-chain environment

Particle Network introduces modular L1 blockchain for a multi-chain ecosystem

Fragment Network’s modular L1 blockchain is a global negotiation layer for a multi-chain environment.
It includes Chain abstraction and Global Accounts.

Fragment Network has actually presented its modular Layer-1 blockchain, an upgrade powered by chain abstraction and global accounts to make individual experience throughout blockchains less complicated.

Fragment Network’s L1 is a Cosmos-SDK-based blockchain that will certainly act “as a global negotiation layer for the multi-chain environment.”

Depending On the Universe SDK to construct this chain permits us to make it inherently modular, maintaining its sovereignty while contracting out vital features like recognition and information schedule to specialized environment stars. Our L1 is likewise based upon Rollkit and utilizes Berachain’s Polaris structure for EVM compatibility. Moreover, it leverages a Universal Inter-Blockchain Interaction (IBC) method for interoperability, allowing inexpensive, quick cross-chain purchase implementation,” Fragment Network kept in mind in an article.

A distinct individual experience

According to the Fragment Network group, chain abstraction permits streamlined individual communications in a multi-chain environment.

Within this structure, any type of individual can connect with any type of item and property in the quickly expanding Web3 landscape. Chain abstraction makes it possible for performance for Universal Accounts, which in this instance, develop an atmosphere that functions comparable to a solitary chain with linked liquidity and sovereignty.

Chain abstraction and global accounts enable individuals to connect with various kinds of blockchain networks and decentralised applications (dApps). Fragment’s Budget Abstraction suggests a global Web3 experience without stress over numerous budgets and linking to name a few variables.

The L1 will count on Universal Accounts for streamlined wise agreement administration throughout all EVM chains along with heterogeneous blockchains like Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL).

Universal Liquidity will certainly offer linked liquidity with confident implementation of atomic deals and swaps. There’s likewise Universal Gas Symbol that permits individuals to pay gas with a solitary gas token instead of numerous devices.

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